May 22, 2011

Sign's of Summer

Sign's of Summer
By John R. Greenwood

Summer's blight
Corners troll
Duct tape wrapped
Roll after roll

Anchor my corner 
Weekends you see
Each sun filled day
Eight to three


  1. LOL. Yeah, they are sprouting up like weeds.

    Nice piece. Is is for sale? : )

  2. Wait till 3:30 I'll put the, "FREE" sign out...

  3. It's true,"one man's trash is another man's treasure..."

  4. So true - a fun and authentic piece!

  5. super wise and lovely piece.

    welcome join us today.

  6. fun write.

    share 1 to 3 poems with poetry potluck today.

    first time participants need not to write for the theme.

  7. Someone who loves trees, loves all life. For trees give life and save life and are themselves alive.
    Love your page and, living in Atlantic Canada, I for one am so pleased to have done with the snow and the cold. Yard sales, bring em on, means no more sub zero

  8. Daydreamer, thanks for stopping by. I have always loved big ole', fat limbed, tree climbing trees. I'm 50+ and still have an eye for a great climber. But I keep my feet on the ground.

  9. I love your site! You have an interesting mind, unique things to say, and a refreshing sense of humor, even when complaining about neighborhood eyesores. I look forward to coming back and reading more.

  10. Please stop by anytime, no need to knock, it's still kind of quiet here. You will probably enjoy "Soggy Print" if you like the lighter side of complaining.