July 30, 2011


My sister Joanne.
Taken in the house that is the present location of the Greenfield Center Community Center
By John R. Greenwood
Two minds born of parental souls, 
seek shelter in like ways.  
Photographs and memories 
entwined and sprinkled 
with smiles and tears, 
tough days, and heartwarming stories 
mixed together like a tasty shake, 
better enjoyed by sipping 
slowly through a straw of reflection and appreciation. 
Casting off heavy weights and cumbersome baggage 
- gently to roads edge, (for now anyway) 
responsibility and obligation- 
forcing the need to pick them up on the trip back home. 
Dedicated to my sister Joanne. Based on our similarity of interests 


  1. OOO quite a powerful reflection on family memories! A beautiful read!

  2. Family is special. It is nice especially when people feel / think similarly.

  3. John,
    A very nice reflection back to earlier times. It is good to revisit those memories, every now and again.


  4. Thanks, John, for being the brother every sister should have. I love the poem, and marvel at how well it describes us; our interwoven hearts and interests, our thoughts and reflections of the past, and the pleasure derived from revisiting them together. I love you... Your sister Jo