February 19, 2013

Cumberland Crisp

Cumberland Crisp
By John R. Greenwood

One perk of working for a company with over three hundred locations across New York State is having the opportunity to travel to them all. On this particular day my responsibilities brought me to Plattsburgh. As always, I take advantage of anything that provides blog material--this trip was no exception. I arrived with enough daylight left to sneak up to North Plattsburgh and visit Cumberland Bay State Park

The park is a pine lined beauty with a majestic view of Lake Champlain. Except for a bundled up man walking his hearty lab, the  park was barren. I grabbed my camera and pulled my wool hat down low. The air possessed a February crispness that gives everything sharper edges and more color. There were splotches of snow here and there but the majority of the park was blanketed with pine needles begging to be walked on. It was only a short visit but that was all that was needed-- a few minutes of clarity, few shudder clicks, a few moments off the grid. It works like that for me. I've learned to grab twigs of life when they reach out from the edges of the path. I never snap them off in anger when they swat my face. It's important to pay close attention to where they are pointing. Toward a destination?, a light?, a sign?...

Cumberland Bay State Park
By John R. Greenwood

Pine palace of the big lake
A needle edged sand bar
curved like a quarter moon

One man and his lab
far off
head down smelling the winter air

Picnic-less tables scattered where they feel like it
Proud in their winter toughness
to be 
the best seat in town


  1. The late winter light shining on that park building is lovely. Nice composition on the picnic table photo. And the almost haiku poem tells a story about the barrenness. -- barbara

  2. What a place to get away and write.