March 24, 2013

One Simple Request

One Simple Request
By John R. Greenwood

It started with one simple request, "Honey, would you please change the aerator in the bathroom faucet?" 

This story could be the defining moment of my writing career. Having owned a home since I was barely twenty, the experiences I have logged would provide enough material for a 26 volume collection. People across the country can identify with stories that start with a similarly simple sentence. Volume #1 could be, "Trips to the ER and how they happen." Volume #2 could describe in detail the magic that happens when a husband is left alone in a hardware store with a fresh credit card. Volume #3 would tell the decade long tales of all those unfinished projects that sit stacked in the back of the garage--the original plan long forgotten. You get the idea. This simple photo tells a common story of man and wife-- it's complexities and how difficult it is to navigate through them intact. What began as a $3.98, three minute repair, has become a elongated transmutation requiring large amounts of cash, check books, credit cards, and taking the bottles back for the deposit. 

Well, I have to get back to work. I promised to have this project completed by our anniversary in June.

I promised to add this side note:
My beautiful wife having lived with me for many years is accustomed to simply, "Doing it herself." She is perfectly capable of changing an aerator and has on many occasions. In this case I may have embellished my story a tad bit, but the sentiment is perfectly sound. 


  1. I wish I was able to fix an aerator like your wife.
    Never knew of such a part (?) until I read your post. Your projects might run into money sometimes but have you had a "fix it" guy out lately to repair something? EXPENSIVE. Keep fixin' -- barbara

  2. "The sentiment is perfectly sound..." I love it. LOL. You have such a wonderful, easy going style of writing, it's always a pleasure to read and your photos to illustrate are just perfect.

  3. or the comment, "You know, I've been thinking of changing the dining room paint color..." and before you know it, the floors, window treatments and adjoining rooms are being looked at too! ha ha.