March 03, 2013

Will Work For Coffee Cake

Will Work For Coffee Cake
By John R. Greenwood

Yes, it's true, I will accept bribes. I am not ashamed to admit it. I have an achilles heel when it comes to being 'encouraged' to attack some of the projects I have postponing for far too long. There's something inspirational about the smell of fresh baked coffee cake wafting through the house on a snowy Sunday in March. My broken promises caught up to me and I now had to man-up. It's not that I don't enjoy home repairs, because as long as it doesn't involve 22o volts of electricity I am well enough equipped to handle most day to day issues that pop up or leak out. Today's project began with some small demo work; mostly tearing out, nailing down, and cleaning up. My reward for this effort was a cup of hot coffee, and a square of warm, apple filled, cinnamon covered coffee cake. If you top that by timing it with the start of CBS Sunday Morning, you complete the weekend circle of life. 

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  1. Oh -- I am a procrastinator -- so I would start with two cups of coffee and some delicious fruit and yogurt and then -- just maybe I would start working -- now where is that latest issue of Orion that I haven't read? -- fun post -- barbara