November 11, 2013

Thanks Dad

Thanks Dad
By John R. Greenwood

That's my father Ralph up front leaning through the railing
Thanks dad for the youth you sacrificed for our country. You never talked about it much. Only in your last years did you seem to want to share any of your Navy experiences. You were proud of your service but reluctant to flaunt bravado about it. Because I was fortunate enough to miss the Vietnam experience by a couple of years I will never know the true sense of bravery and fear you did. I am proud of you and my son who also dedicated four years of his life for his country. 

I will keep this post simple because I know that's the way you would want it. I want you to know that I don't take my country for granted. I enjoy my life to the fullest because of the sacrifice of others. That is important for me to say. I come and go as I please. I write what I want, when I want. I fly the American flag proudly on the front porch of MY house. Today I pray for the safety and safe return of all veterans throughout the world. My heart aches for the parents of those who've lost a son or daughter. 
Thanks Dad. Thanks son. I am forever grateful for your service. 

Dad served aboard a transport ship. He was also a Navy diver.
He did love to talk about how many times he crossed the equator. 

The first time I saw this was a few years before my father passed away. 

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  1. …and there stories are slowly fading away with them. I recently joined a poetry group and we meet once a month (quite a scary thing for me to do as they have "open mic") Anyway, one lady who writes poetry also collected the stories of WWII vets - she was at Pearl Harbor as a child when it was bombed. Her small book is called "Rachel's Children - Surviving the Second World War" by Jean Rodenbough. It can be found on "".