January 04, 2015

Rain Freezing

Rain Freezing
By John R. Greenwood

rain freezing smothers all it touches
each drop constricting around its prey

as january air shivers in the driveway 
the wet coldness seeps up your sleeves

sheets of ice like a whisper thin glacier
drift slowly down the windshield 
until there’s no place left to go

crystal streams solidify and stall 
clinging tight to door and handle
never feeling the pain they cause

the rising sun takes charge 
peeling back the icy fingers
loosening the grip
warming the heart of the clouds
tempting you back
making you smile

Here's a link to my voice recorded version: Rain Freezing


  1. What a beautiful poem, John! Especially love the image of the sun taking charge and the personification of clouds with hearts! That's especially sweet. I will look at my clouds today in Arizona in a different way. Clouds with hearts, - love it!

  2. … oh, I know this feeling. Lived in Northern Illinois all my childhood and 7 years in Northern Michigan. I adore the south… :)