December 28, 2014

De-Lighting Christmas

De-lighting Christmas
By John R. Greenwood

Christmas in reverse tastes bittersweet as temperatures tempt me outside to de-light and de-decorate the holiday. Time travels quickly pre-Santa but slows to a frozen crawl when Times Square signals a calendar change. Holiday cheer comes at you like a freight train and leaves you at the station leaning 
out over the tracks, head tilted, wondering what just happened and how many days has it been since you added water to the tree. Does it even matter now? It’s universal and carries a mix of emotion; empty wallet regret versus the realization that spring is next in line. When the Christmas lights come down you know the Superbowl is close behind and CVS will soon be unpacking the Valentine's Day cards. There are so many holidays now they meld together like a bag of sun baked Hershey bars. 

I tote up the lights and pack them away in the back of the shed. Dampness sets in and my mind smells hot coffee and the NFL. With Christmas #59 in the books I smile inside. I think of all the other husbands and fathers who no matter how much they might complain about the hanging and unhanging of lights and decorations can't wait to flip that switch to kick off Christmas #6 or #60. 

I've been wanting to add a voice recording to some of my posts to see what kind of reaction they might generate. 

Here's a Sound Cloud Recording of: De-Lighting Christmas


  1. Taking it all down is a lot easier here in the south - (I do remember one winter up north we just put a wreath on our door as it was just too cold and moved our indoor tree to the front window.

  2. Loved the post and especially enjoyed your voiceover! Adds another dimension of fun to 'hear' your sentiment as well as reading it! Even though it is on/through the internet, I closed my eyes and listened as if it was 50 some years ago and I was listening to the radio..."and now, today's episode of Raining Iguanas, brought to you by....". I REALLY enjoyed it! Thanks! Happy New Year! Kath from Vermont