March 31, 2015


By John R. Greenwood

The little boy grows within, his mind filled with wonder and excitement at each tic of the clock. He begins the day searching behind, beneath, and above. He asks for simple nourishment—from crackers to hugs—the height of happiness always a room away. With a gentle inquisitiveness he runs through his days unaware of the cracked world around him. He points and sings songs of happiness when no one is watching. Life is wide open and waiting for his arrival. Colors are bright as day and the nights are filled to the brim with stars to wish upon. No compass needed on this journey—north and south are just words he hears. Lessons last a lifetime and take as long to learn--results may vary. The little boy in the mirror looks familiar. As the grandfather sees his reflection staring back he realizes school is never over. 
There’s always one more class to take--always time to grow.  


  1. I love this, John, and am thinking the little guy in the photo and the poem must be a grandson......wonderful to watch their wide-eyed wonder, when their world has always been a kind one............

    1. As I watched him play I realized I still have that childlike energy to want to turn over every rock and look behind every door. Regardless of how many miles are on my odometer I can't wait to see what's around the next corner--and that's a good thing.

  2. Beautifully stated. Many happy years ahead of him.