July 28, 2015

The Smile Fixer

Dr. Hollis 

I felt a strong need to write this note of thanks to you and your staff. I recently found myself sitting at my laptop holding my front tooth in the palm of my hand. A home plumbing repair and a hissy fit gone bad were the cause of its original demise in the 90's. My then-favorite-dentist, Dr. Bauman came to my rescue and sculptured a "temp" that lasted over 20 years. Jump ahead to 2015 and I again look like I just finished a Blackhawks-Bruin's Game 7.  

I look at the tooth in my hand and say to myself, "gosh darn it" or something to that effect. What am I going to do now? 

Who you gonna call?

Dr. Hollis, that's who.

That's what he does. At least that's what his webpage says. 

Boy, does he. 

I knew the minute you handed me a mirror and showed me the result of the two hour rescue you and Brea performed on my smile that I would be writing this letter. It was a given. 

It was two hours of squirming and head nodding. 

Discomfort yes. 


Not a hint. 

Amazement at the result? 

Damn straight! 

When you finished and flashed that Men's Warehouse, "You're going to like the way you look," smirk I was skeptical. When I saw your smile-repair in that mirror I knew you were both in the right profession and I'm grateful. 

Granted, I don't possess a set of piano keys but they're mine. I've been in the milk business for 30 years; I get up at 4am every morning; I've sipped a lot of coffee. 

What pleases the eye more, a worn and weathered hay barn or a shiny new galvanized one? 

The point of this letter is simple. 

It's a thank-you/confirmation letter. 

You and your entire staff picked the right jobs. 

I'm proof of it.

I hope your smiles reading this are as genuine as mine was writing it. 


"Smiling" John Greenwood


  1. When you find someone who really does their job well, hold on to them. I think it's great that you gave them this public recognition.

  2. I do like to hear about good work. This dentist sounds wonderful. -- barbara