March 25, 2016


By John R. Greenwood


faces pass us by every day
some fade from view
cling to us for a lifetime

eyes filled to the brim
with wonder
and grace

a photo drops from an envelope
landing face up
his energy 
still speaks volumes

there are voids never filled
songs never sung
stories left unwritten 

but certain faces remain 
vivid in spirit
strong in character
always fresh as yesterday
pushing us to live for today

don’t cry


Written in honor and memoriam of Charles E. “Chaz” Dake 


  1. "his energy still speaks volumes" and the stanza that follows really jumped out at me, having recently had a loved one die. Beautifully put.

  2. Such a young man -- his bright face will be remembered by many I am sure. Like your words. -- barbara

  3. In 1975, I met Chaz in the West Indies. We sailed together on his Dad's Sailboat, (Content III), that was skippered by my cousin, Greg (Tux) Tuxworth. We had a hell of a time for several weeks, including playing bit parts in a TV movie about female pirates called, "So the Story Goes." Chaz had so much fun, that a year later he and a friend, rode their motorcycles all the way from New York to Oregon to visit me. And, we had another hell of a good time. Chaz was like me. He loved adventure. The more dangerous, the better. I wrote a poem that I would like to share with his family and friends as a tribute to my friend Chaz, who I admired and respected so much. It's called, "The Wind Song." By Dennis Gleason.

    "When the winds pass through on the wings of time, sure and endless tale we'll sing.
    Of quiet moments and hearty cheer and bells that always would ring.
    Of mighty nations and lowly ones that ruled the history of man.
    And all the brave souls that walked a road.
    In the end, they made a stand."