February 17, 2012

"Haiku Sampler"

rusty robin red
worm head peeking careful
-retreating again

dusky bat glimpse
random lightning bug sightings
warm star-sky neck-tilt 

leaf rake leaning tall
musty leathery work gloves 
geese gather sky high

frosty snowmen faces 
hot soup simmering--yum
gift wrapped children dream

My Submission for : Old Pond a Frog Leaps In


  1. oh these are so glorious, as are the photos of a beautiful home - yours, from the look of it........I really enjoyed these, John.

  2. A stunning series of Haiku and beautiful photos.

  3. I loved yours! Well Done....your photos and words aligned perfectly :D

  4. Great set and photos to go with them!! I enjoyed reading!

  5. Any poem with a leaf rake in it has got to be great. ;)

  6. dig this journey through the seasons. Happy President's day!

  7. Great haiku set and I love the photos as well. I especially enjoyed "gift wrapped children!"

  8. These are very nice modern haiku. Please go back and check your syllable counts more carefully, and bear in mind the need for a cut, or turning point, juxtaposing your images.

    My bĂȘte noire: the confusion of "peek" and "peak", not to mention "pique". If you meant to do this, congratulations. But be warned, it can be easily taken for a mistake.

    Let me know when you add your fifth verse! Thanks for contributing.