May 25, 2012

Broken Parts

Broken Parts
By John R. Greenwood

a gentle giant weak from stress and strain
a spring battle lost
one more ring deep within
giants break too
with years and layers
deep wounds
summers followed by winters bring
a majestic display of nature
one tiny seed
so long
long ago

my attention turns to the mirror
an ache
a weak knee

Submitted to Poetry Pantry #100


  1. Giant trees can break too from stress and deep wounds ~ Nice use of metaphor ~

  2. Wow! Broken parts can break down a giant eventually. Great metaphors here and the ending is dynamite! I'd better not look in the mirror!

  3. "giants break too". Such a good poem. Is that your poor tree? I resonate with the weak knee after a weekend of planting, I can barely hobble!

  4. But I trust your leg won't fall off, like the branch?! LOL. I get the picture, though...well done.

  5. You found the poetry in the broken branch and reminded us all of our own inevitable growing old. Job done, I would say.

  6. I was attracted here by the name of your blog. Luckily, the iguanas can't survive here (in central Florida) and so stay down south..for now. Actually wrote a poem about how they fall from the trees when they get too cold and can't hold on...creepy!

    Love your comparison feels sad when old trees decline..I always hate to see them go. And it's hard when we see our own bodies weaken as well.

  7. I, too, am a giant. I, too, get the message!

  8. mmm...sad on the old trees you know....we had to cut one down at my parents house a couple years ago due to disease....and then you turn to the mirror....oy

  9. brokenness sometimes awakens us to our losses.

    very good. good job.

  10. Hank,

    Yes, I can immediately see and feel the relationship between the ailing tree and the pains and aches of the human form....My own refection too:)