November 03, 2012

Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge is Power
Mrs. G and I headed down to Lakeside Farms in Ballston Lake this morning to get the last of our fall apples. It was barely 9am and the parking lot was already full. After securing our apple supply we went back in for coffee. I am always amazed that even when this place is brimming, the flow of people moves right along. After a light breakfast we stopped at the counter to purchase some additional necessities (apple cider donuts for Mr. G if you must know).  As always I am photo ready and my head on a perpetual swivel. We have been coming here for years but I never noticed this sign. What initiated this post was not so much the message of the sign as it was the idea of opening up our eyes and looking at the everyday things around us. I love this message and I embrace the joy of finding it during one of my photo op scanning missions. I have found great joy in rambling through the last few years in search of people, places, and things that spark a curiosity in me. At every juncture I am injected with a spark of life. Isn't that the way life should be? Sometimes ignorance is bliss and sometimes knowledge is power. I like living in both worlds, although the first is more common ground for me. I am enjoying this blog. I enjoy visitors and visiting. I like to see what turns others on and what turns them off. Many people are squeezing the same pleasures out of life as I am. Many don't feel a need to share them with the world. That's great too. They simply soak it in and move on. I enjoy the life-sampler that has been laid out in front of me and for some reason, which has yet to be identified, I am drawn to continue sharing those thoughts with others. See you tomorrow. 

Lakeside Farm

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  1. Oh I do like that sign. Every school classroom should have a large sign with just those words. All your post's words reflect how I feel about life. Enjoyed this post muchly:) -- barbara