November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Happy

Thanksgiving Happy 
By John R. Greenwood 

Here's why I am both thankful and happy:

I am thankful that the first and only women I ever loved is still preparing our Thanksgiving dinner. I enjoy it more and more each year because with each passing autumn I realize that the most important ingredient of the feast is love.

I am thankful one thousand times over for my two sons. They taught me why patience is a virtue and why  cars have insurance. Sons are pride and joy wrapped  in, "What now?" gift paper.

I am thankful that every morning the alarm goes off I have a good job to go to. No matter how much I complain about the stress and late night phone calls when it gets down to it I am appreciative of every paycheck and what it has provided me and my family. From the minute I swipe my prox card I am surrounded by good, honest, hardworking people who give their very best each and every day. My life has been encased by caring individuals looking out for their neighbors and friends, men and women who are unselfish and giving. My life has been blessed with beautiful friends working by my side. I am a fortunate man.

I am thankful for the freedom to roam. I live in a country where I can walk out my back door without fear. I live where there are high peaks to the north and cities of opportunity to the south. I have rolling farmland to the east and valley's with rivers flowing through them to the west. The skies above are blue and bomb-free. My house is my home and my mortgage is not rent.

I have my health-- creaks and groans included. Most of my parts still function, although my mind needs a jump start on Monday mornings.

I am thankful for having had parents who loved me, grandparents who spoiled me, and a cherished sister who still calls me little brother.

There are many things around us that we take for granted. Thanksgiving is a day to take inventory and reflect on the things that are important. Shopping and excess may be on your list but they should not be at or near the top. Walk next door today and hug that precious neighbor who brought you comfort when times were thin. Call a dear aunt who sent you birthday money until you were eighteen. Tell your spouse you love them, maybe even twice in one day.

Be thankful today. Don't complain about the weather. Don't worry if the turkey is a little dry. Who cares if the plates don't match or the Cowboys lose by a touchdown, what really matters--is that you're here--and not there. Life is too short not to make everyday Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Happy,

Raining Iguanas


  1. Amen! A beautiful meditation, John. I am thankful for having come to know you as a fellow blogger.

  2. This is beautiful, and beautifully written. A gorgeous photo to match! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Nice thoughts of your friends, neighbors, and family. You have a good life -- Happy Thanksgiving -- barbara

  4. From Kathie in KY:
    I love your sentiments-so well written. Now, if we can work on remembering to be thankful for our gifts each and every day. Something to work on, for sure!

  5. I am most thankful for the kindness that flows through this space. It fuels.

  6. Your thankfulness list made me laugh out loud and shed a tender tear! I would love to link it. Your sentiment are a keen reminder to each one of us to look deep. thank-you for commenting so I could find this.