November 06, 2012

Swing Vote

The photo above tells a simple story--a story of left and right. It's a roundabout way to observe life, politics, and today's election.

Originally I took the photo because of the definitive contrast between the beautiful colors of the fall foliage and the stark grey stone and sharp metal edge that separated the two. The angle of the wall was an added bonus. I am always looking for that unique photo that has something to say. This one was speaking but I could not understand what it was trying to tell me. I liked it just as it was, but I am always driven to dig deeper and stretch my vision in some way. How could I pull a story out of this scene? I clicked the small rotation arrow and turned the picture up on end. A message blasted off the screen and right through my eye. Immediately I saw a distinct left and right.

Today voting and an election were front and center. I do tend to lean a little to the left in my political beliefs but I don't feel comfortable with a Democratic or Republican label. I may wake up tomorrow staring at a particular issue that doesn't fit right or left. I want to retain my ability to chose freely regardless of whether it is a left or right leaning issue. I don't like hard lines or block walls. I have a tendency to bolt from conformity.

As I looked at it from a different point of view it became quite clear that the left was more colorful, more diverse, more inviting. The right side emitted a dark inflexibility. The photo was divided a few degrees off center. The left side a bit larger and more optimistic. The branches of the trees intermixed and smiling. On the right, sharp lines divided each block, no one was singing.

This post is not about political debate. It is about choices and bright futures for everyone. We have plenty. We never feel it's enough. How much is enough? Maybe we're there. Regardless of who wins the election today I will support them to the very best of my ability. The world will be just fine either way as long as we all agree to open our eyes a little bit wider and look out (help) for that guy off to your side. Which side shouldn't matter.


  1. I love your post, kiddo. He has his work cut out for him with opposition so oppositional. But he's up to the task.I have great faith!

  2. I was amazed at the might of the people in this election. Money can't buy everything -- barbara

  3. yay -- great post and great election results :)