July 29, 2014

Reaching Out

Reaching Out
By John R. Greenwood

stalled in time and riddled with pain
a man listens more carefully and quiet becomes his friend
age creeped up and stole his spirit 
for a moment at least
retreating back beneath the muddy river bank
resting in the darkness 
waiting for something to arrive
peering out through the shadowed ripples
a man spins his wheels 
fears the face in the mirror
he knows better
the prescription he’s handed others 
now unfamiliar and strange
as the second hand rotates into weeks
the aches grasping tight 
unrelenting and heartless
the man breathes in deep
pulls up his boot straps 
cinches his belt
tilts the chin a degree or two
off in the distance
a dog barks
a rooster crows


  1. A man, a river bank, time, aging -- he keeps going.-- barbara

  2. The nights drag on when aging and pain (or heartache) are his bedfellows. The ending is perfect.