July 20, 2014


By John R. Greenwood

parched and thirsty the old guy rests his rusty wheels 
he had better days when the kids were small
and they filled the back and waved 
at grandma in the kitchen window 
The one with the yellow daisy curtains pulled back
those finer times when the soft earth soothed his dry tires 
and he had something to look forward to on Saturday mornings
when the grass was taller than his weathered racks and the 
baby calves rubbed their heads on him whenever he sat still too long
now bored and left wondering how long he’s got
retired to the shed 
to just sit 
and wait
maybe the kid’s kids will grow up and see him for what he’s worth
maybe they’ll replace the rubber tires with Goodyears 
from Free Wheelin’ Sam’s Tire Store downtown 
maybe they take him all the way to the county line 
where the transfer station replaced the old town dump 
the place where you now have to separate your plastics 
maybe just maybe this fall when the leaves are shin high
and the kids need money to go see Star Wars 2014
maybe then he’ll get his fill of oak and maple and pine needle
and then we’ll see how useful and happy he’ll be...  


  1. This is lovely ... poem and photo. I love this line especially: "... they filled the back and waved
    at grandma in the kitchen window
    The one with the yellow daisy curtains pulled back ..."

  2. Nice story to go with the old fellow. Help me out a bit; oak and maple and pine needles as in raking leaves and hauling them away?

  3. Yes, Joanne. I was picturing fall's remnants overflowing the back and poking through the boards along the side. Maybe I should go back and fluff the pillow a little. Mostly though, I write it and leave it alone. Sometimes I add so much to the pot I can't determine what I started out to make.

  4. Anthropomorphic symbolism. Reads nicely. -- barbara

  5. In life I've found, if you are 'useful' you're pretty happy. Nuff said.

  6. the "daisy curtain" segment is so delightful.