May 25, 2015

"She Called Him Raymond": A Memorial Day Book Recommendation

“She Called Him Raymond”: A Memorial Day Book Recommendation
By John R. Greenwood

This is not a detailed review of Ray O’Conor’s book, “She Called Him Raymond.” It is a pure and simple book recommendation. I can’t think of a more appropriate book to read or buy on Memorial Day.

Ray’s book is a, “True Story Of Love, Loss, Faith and Healing.” That comes right off the cover and I can tell you it meets up to the billing in every regard. What more could you possibly pack into a book if you were looking for the ideal story for a day of remembrance. 

I’ve been deliberately taking my time reading Ray’s book because I feel a personal debt of gratitude for all servicemen who’ve died for our country. I want to absorb this story in the light that it was written. This book encapsulates the tumultuous times of the Great Depression and the war that followed. Ray has done a wonderful job mixing and distributing the highs and lows of emotion that enveloped WWll. 

I feel strongly that this is a book all of us should read. It will help us appreciate all we have and all we’ve lost. It will make you proud to know people like the author who have committed so much of themselves in sharing these stories of our veterans. In this case, the story is as personal as a story can get. 

Click here for a link to the: “She Called Him Raymond,” website. On this Memorial Day do yourself a favor and check it out. I’m certain you will leave the page thinking about the past and grateful for the present. 

Thank you to all the servicemen who have given their lives for our country. And thank you Ray O’Conor for sharing such a poignant slice of what Tom Brokaw termed “The Greatest Generation.”    

Here's Ray on May 9th at Northshire Bookstore in Saratoga

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