September 01, 2013

Country Visit

Country Visit 
By John R. Greenwood

Bedlam Farm view from afar
An Open Group gathered in open air at a place called Bedlam Farm today. Familiar faces, new faces, happy faces, faces so recognizable they seem to speak to you without words. Inspiration spread across a gentle farm, led by the sweet and tasteful words of poet Mary Kellogg--Mary a pillar of confidence reading us her poetry in the shade of a generation old apple tree. 

Poet Mary Kellogg and Emma's dog Pearl 
Animals at every corner of the farm watch with content as their provider sings their praises. A glorious afternoon dotted with people from distant places like Baltimore Maryland, and Edina Minnesota. All arrived in a Bedlam Farm pilgrimage to this real place swarming with real people who emanate such a creative aura you could feel it as they pass by. 

Quiet time with dad
Thank you once again Bedlam Farm and all who wandered her grounds today. You filled up the well once again. My thirst now quenched, my pen filled to the brim. 

-Unidentified Farm Occupants-
Soaking in the magic of Bedlam Farm

Hanging out at Bedlam Farm 


  1. Perfect poetry summing up a lovely day. Nice shot of the group with the bike in the seasoned photographer. Diane

  2. I am now on the Bedlam Farm blog's mailing list and am considering buying her book, "My Place on Earth".

    1. You will love your daily visits to Jon and Maria's Bedlam Farm and Mary kellogg's poetry is awesome, you will not be sorry.