September 12, 2013

The Land

The Land
By John R. Greenwood

the land beneath my feet
the land beyond my eye
the taste of life
invades the earthy heart 
farmland once thought giant strong 
now stands tender to the touch
tread lightly next in line 
my depth once measured by shoveled hands
seems thin and frail 
hold me close to your chest
squeeze gentle the soil
like tiny eggs 
in a tiny nest

Submitted to Poets United's Verse First:  Places you love


  1. I so adore "squeeze gentle the soil like tiny eggs in a tiny nest." Truly beautiful, John!!!!!! I so know the love affair you have with where you live. Such a blessing.

  2. tread lightly... Mother Earth, she is, but we must care for her. I love this, love your sensitivity. Well done.


  3. very the closing lines.....

  4. the smell, the feel, the life
    all the elements that make the land more than dirt
    great piece John