September 26, 2013


Autumn chores abound
squirrel like I scamper back and forth
cleaning up
taking down

that never ending list flutters
like a lone leaf
a constant
"hurry up"
hangs heavy on my mind

sporadic accessories of green
 tease the eye
as if to say
perhaps winter will misplace the invitation?


  1. Love the idea of you scampering about, To Do list in mind........

  2. Don't think winter will miss us -- at least in your part of the country. Here in the Pacific Northwest I feel winter is just around the corner. Perhaps not as dramatic as your part of the country but still one will know it is here.-- barbara

  3. So well put. Sums up this time of year so nicely!

  4. We have a handful of orange.. but mostly green... some dull looking leaves. I so hope all this rain does not mean we have a dull autumn. Yes, we are "scampering" about our yard and garage chores as of late... but cold really doesn't settle here long (not TRUE northern MI cold :)