March 25, 2020

Bare-knuckle Snow-blowing

Bare-knuckle Snow-blowing 
By John R. Greenwood 

It’s a good day when you can snow blow your driveway with bare knuckles. There is a huge discrepancy between snow-blowing on November 24th and snow-blowing on March 24th. Knowing there is green grass in your near future feels good. The attitude gap is immeasurable. If it wasn’t for the half-dozen Amazon packages headed our way I might have left the snow to fend for itself. There is nothing more rewarding than clearing snow when the thermometer is hovering in the forties and the lawn was already raked and fertilized the week before. Knowing its Toro’s last hurrah puts a smile on your face and a skip in your boots. It did give me a chance to thank Old Faithful for getting me through the winter without a hitch. 

In my last post I vowed to stay positive and productive while this virus turns our lives upside down. My wife and I are doing our part to keep ourselves healthy and safe. We’re not ready to be sacrificed to keep stock earnings healthier. 

With that thought I’m going to make an effort to pump a little life into Raining Iguanas. I owe it to all those who have supported the blog and encouraged me to continue writing. Life got real over the last several months and priorities sometimes require recalibration. 

Yesterday while I was pretending to dig out from a pretend blizzard I snapped a few pictures to help get my mojo back. If you haven’t visited here in a while I want to thank you for stopping by. 


Frozen Tundra 

Dazed and Confused 

Snow Bunnies

Table Talk Pie 

Be Kind.
We're All In This Together


  1. I got a good chuckle from your photo descriptions. Thanks!

  2. We live at 1700' up a dirt road on the western facing slopes of VT's Green Mountains
    so we know what you're experiencing right now. Your snow photos do make me smile. As of today 3/27 much of the snow is gone but it's also mud season here on the road but our town's road crew does the best they can. How are you enjoying retirement now that you've been at it for about a year, if I'm remembering correctly? My husband and I have been involved with a lot of organizations as retirees but right now they are all canceled along with all routine medical and dental appointments.Someone posted a meme on FB the other day "Silent Spring 2020" which I understand but I'm not sure if the Millennials would. Oh, thanks for the link to your neighborhood's doctor's blog. As a retired RN I appreciate her writings.