June 03, 2010

Camp Chingachgook Bound

In this Photo from left to right: Helen Greenwood, Philly Dake, Frances Greenwood, and Heidi Dake. John Greenwood and Perrin Dake sitting on the trunk. The picture was taken facing toward North Broadway in front of the City Center.

Camp Chingachgook Bound
(Broadway, Saratoga Springs N.Y. circa 1967)
By John R.Greenwood

Maternal guards
Arms patiently folded
Await Trailway’s bus
Of grey, white, and chrome
Childhood friends
Sit anxious
Atop black trunk
Of bug spray and sweatshirts

Visions of swims
In cold Lake George waters
Pine-nestled cabins with
Green paint-peeled
Screen doors
That slam in the night

Cold pancake breakfast
Bright plastic dishes
Hikes on Buck Mountain
July campfire wishes

Memories born
Journeys long taken
Bring life to the surface
Smiles freshly shaken

Thanks for the picture
Of those pictured here
For time in a capsule
Sweet, savored, and dear


  1. what divine imagery your words have painted here.
    enjoyed the version of your entry.

    Glad to see you share a 2nd piece.

  2. Wonderful imagery. Great combination of picture and poetry.

    Here is my entry

  3. Brings those childhood memories flooding back to mind! Wonderful writing, and a great photograph!

  4. so great love the combination of picture and poetry you did

  5. I just realized that I still have that trunk. Whoa...

  6. Beautifully written and remembered, John.