June 26, 2010

Courageous Ben

Courageous Ben

By John R. Greenwood

Fearless soldier

Courageous Ben

Husband, brother

Son, and friend

Sense of humor

Playing ball

Skiing fast

Standing tall

Compassionate neighbor

To those in need

All out effort

His hearty creed

Love of country

Larger than life

One love deeper

His loving wife

Lake George water

Crystal clear

Rising high

Of fallen tear


1 comment:

  1. To the family of Sfc. Benjamin Osborn, I am one of the millions of your closet neighbors. I am an American citizen; proud of the brave soldiers who protect my freedom. I read with profound sorrow the daily stories of loss, heartache, bravery, and ultimate sacrifice. I can provide no relief nor respite; only words. I am forever grateful for selfless soldiers like Benjamin. My gratitude is immeasurable.