June 18, 2010

Cobwebs in my Asics

Cobwebs in my Asics
By John R. Greenwood

Days slip away
Workouts but a
Faint memory

Scales reveal
Like a calendar
Tight pants and
Depressed thoughts

Cobwebs in my Asics
Tell the tale
Tic Toc
Small hand on the five

Turn up the music
Laces snug

One mile
Then two



  1. John,

    I do like this poem. Revealing a truth, which I myself can see when reading my scales!!!
    A good healthy work-out or a long walk, in this pouring rain, is the only answer!!

    Best wishes, Eileen
    Thank you for commenting at my poems John.

  2. I knew I'd like this when I read the title... I can relate to cobwebs in my Asics- I tend to 'run' in spurts.