April 11, 2012

Free Write Friday

This is my submission to: Free Write Friday

Childhood wonder wrapped in words, sweet and soft. A magical collection of warmth and inspiration that will be sure to ease a cluttered mind. Memories woven into a magical tapestry of fondness and cherished tales. Each line sprinkled with a girlish confetti of gentle blues and snowflake days. Happiness by the line, punctuated by magical thought, mysterious and fleeting. A girls pen writes true to her heart. A heart fueled by visions past and hopeful futures. All  held tight to a youthful spirit and willful persona. Come swing with the rhythm of words as they flow outward and upward, forward and back once more. Turn the page, let the magic begin...

1 comment:

  1. oh my! now if this doesn't sell my book, I don't know what will! This is awesome! I love that you chose to do a "blurb"! How very creative! Fits the prompt so well too! Hmmm... I said this was going to be tough to choose and you have just made it nearly impossible! I may have to get more books to give away! Nice job!!! Thank you!