April 27, 2012


Cape Neddick Lighthouse,  Maine
John Greenwood

By John R. Greenwood

time hunkers down and grabs you tight around the arm 
it pulls you through life like a mother crossing the street with a child who refuses to be carried
time loves you if you love it back 
yield --but with a gentle tug backward
don't relinquish in full until the bill is paid 
when opportunity floats your way --- gulp 
drowning in hesitation blankets a youthful spirit
how many smiles missed had you waited for a sunnier day
time is not the enemy 
the mirror is
it's not what you see
it's the sea within


  1. Lovely photo and thoughtful poem. Thanks for posting.

  2. this..is..terrific...i mean...amazing...really....

    thank you for sharing. makes me want to wake up my muse, currently away....

  3. "The sea within".......so beautiful.......reminds of of that documentary The Sea Inside, about the paralyzed man who traveled the world in his imagination and floated on the sea inside of him........amazing man! I so love this poem!

  4. John,

    A most impacting poem....Making the most of time, since it waits for no-one. It is not possible to hold back the tide and passing of time and life itself.Grab opportunities now:)

    Love the photograph...


  5. Wow, the ending really resonated with me~
    The ebb n' flow or life and all its treasures...lots of
    wonder! :D