June 03, 2012

"Bulldog Mack"

Bulldog Mack
By John R. Greenwood

A lifetime measured in miles
spinning wheels and a heavy load have taken their toll
tenacious spirit lingers 
refusing to relinquish 
one tenth

banished to the back of the pile
perched tall with bulldog stance
his worn body blistered 
swarmed with dings 
peppered with dents
pride shining 
out through late night high beams 

 if one last wish granted

five gallons
left in the tank

Submitted to Poet's United: Poetry Pantry #101


  1. I LOVE the look of this colorful battered old truck, who has seen lots of hard road in his day (like me, hee hee). He has spirit, all right, and seems to be asking for one more midnight freeway run.

  2. Firstly, dear John, the image is utterly amazing. I'd hang that in my house! Regarding the metaphorical poem: I SO relate. I looked at that truck in all it's colorful character, and realized I must use those same appreciative eyes when I look in the mirror. So, this 52 year old woman thanks you!

  3. I know how he feels. Excellent poem.

  4. John,

    There is a real sense of 'my good and faithful servant,' about your words. A sadness with a life of duty at an end.

    The image just adds to the sense of loss....

    Best Regards,

  5. John I must say I truely love how you bring life back to those things that are so long forgotten...thankyou
    Marci Anne