June 18, 2012

Life Begins...

Life Begins...

This piece was written on April 25, 2008 and edited June 18, 2012. I dug it out of my collection of  partially filled notebooks. I thought it would be fun to share with the members of our writing project. It describes the birth of a blog and the rebirth of a man with a creative passion searching for a venue. 
I have the receipt from the day Raining Iguanas became a reality. I will always remember my $7.15 purchase. It was the best seven bucks I ever spent. The most memorable part of the experience was my son was standing over my right shoulder like a hovering parent. He encouraged and nudged. He understood. He made no judgement of why his grey haired father was shaking like a quivering chihuahua. My sons care about people. They help friends. They have beautiful hearts. Their mother did nice work. She gave me two adults with common sense and a sense of humor. You need to laugh to survive. Life can be tough. On this day one son and his father shared a mouse click. 
My vision of a blog is to be the voice of the average man. To speak to them and for them. Most importantly to build trust. To save them time by finding the best songs. The ones that make you smile, cry, or tap your feet uncontrollably. I want to link people to books they will truly enjoy. I’m so average, if I like it, my average friends will like it too. There is so little time. We need all the help we can get. If you find something you really enjoy you take pleasure in sharing it. Whether it’s a new brand of toothpaste or a favorite pizza place we all want to share. It’s human nature for the average man. It’s good to be average.
I recently passed on a favorite book to a coworker. When he returned it he said it was one of the best books he had ever read. It was a rewarding feeling. Had I not made the gesture, one less person would have enjoyed that book. 
I vowed I would never again hesitate to share. Share joy in any form you can. Do it daily. Do it at every opportunity. Share laughter. Share silence. Share a memory with a stranger. Don’t hesitate. Time passes all too quickly.  
I am back in the present and in two days our writing group will meet for the second time. I am excited about the future. I am looking forward to spending time with Katz and dogs. 

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  1. As I age I realize that being an 'average Jane' is not such a miserable life after all. If you open your heart to it, you can avoid perfectionism and just enjoy what IS.

    Thanks for your vow to share your joy. A good motto for life! Would you please share your lessons from those dogs and Katz? ;-)