June 29, 2012

I Don't Remember Writing This?

"Milk nourishes the soul; at any age"
I few years ago I came upon a road

A road paved with numbers 
A road lined with dreams
Some dreams I never lived
Some dreams remained unturned
As the AARP mail-pile widened
As the mirror became more grey
Peace tapped me on the shoulder
Peace woke me from a nap
Promises of something more
Promises of life
All I needed was a pen
All I wanted was a pad
The pad became an Apple
The desk a parking spot
The journal by my bedside 
A story parking lot 


  1. John,

    How right your words are. We must always be prepared for those thoughts which just catch us unawares, day and night.
    Of course modern technology makes that slighly easier these days.


  2. Great lines, great milk truck photo! Enjoyed. -- barbara