December 28, 2012

2013-- The Year Of Good Intentions

2013--The Year Of Good Intentions
By John R. Greenwood

Preparing for another year of good intentions brings visions of slim waists and  lottery wins. Life will be grand. Greens beans will taste like French fries and a cure for Global Warming will be here by February. Gas prices will plummet and mirrors will reflect wrinkle-free foreheads and wavy locks. Positive thoughts abound and fill the air. Dog tails wag with reckless abandon. Kittens purr as though they have the answers-- all of them. Teenagers smile and help bring in the groceries. Politicians join hands and dance across America. I, like you, will make unattainable resolutions, but I will make them, and I will do it with the best of intentions. That is what we must do in the upcoming year. 2013 must be the year of good intentions. We must toss negativity to the curb where it belongs. An unlimited number of random acts of kindness must swarm our hearts and soak our minds. Shake hands not babies. Lift spirits not wallets. Take your foot off the gas and pedal your way to a more peaceful life. Somewhere along the way greed replaced cooperation and me replaced we. We can talk about it until we're shot in the face but we must act. We can't all be right and we can't all be first in line. It's about time we all step aside and reevaluate the line we're in. Maybe we don't belong in a line? Maybe we should try making our own choices, and then be brave enough to take responsibility for them. Sadly another Newtown will appear on our screens. We will rally, then disperse to wait in fear for the next tragedy. Don't disperse this time. Remain hand in hand, side by side. Stop only to refuel. Do it by whatever means possible, just don't park the car in the garage and wait.  Stop pointing fingers, it's impolite. Oh yeah, let's bring back, please and thank you, and throw, "Have a good one.", out with 2012. I know it's petty in comparison to the ills of the world but personally it leaves me begging for just a little more effort. Have we gotten so lazy that we can't make the commitment to wish someone a good day. Lets not keep them guessing. After all, whenever I've enjoyed a good one, I usually want another. It would be helpful if I knew what I was looking for.

Peace in 2013,

Please and Thank you.

This has been a public service announcement 


  1. I began reading this, thinking about which lines were my favorites and by the end each line is! Poignant humor, brilliant! and I simply found my self saying yes! I hope to link to this post.

    A few lines that will stay with me off the top are, 'somehow we have replaced we with me' 'lift spirits, not wallet' and 'throw 'have a good one' out with 2012'.

    The picture...priceless. It's great to begin the day with a worthwhile chuckle:) Thank-you.

  2. I'm gonna try... although the task can seen sooooo overwhelming at times. Yes, PEACE in 2013. Watch out for the 'bare behind'.

  3. Much gratitude to you for sharing your creativity in words and pictures-shine on in 2013! May peace be with you!

  4. ... Teenagers helping bring in groceries (without beIng asked?). Yes, miracles might happen. Ha

    I agree that it must begin with one person so lets begin!