December 29, 2012

Covered Bridge With Snow

Covered Bridge With Snow
By John R. Greenwood

Consignment Bridge red-topped and strong
immersed in cold cotton
    in this simple life 
    the simple pleasures
    colorful packages
    wrapped in natures way

Weeks before the first snow I placed Consignment Bridge atop some old cement chunks I had pre-arranged in a sort of limestone monolith in the back corner of my yard. Rather than assume the cost of disposal I created a structure of combined elements. It consists of various cement pieces from an old walk I replaced, some old marble slabs I'm told were from the original Grand Union Hotel, mismatched paving bricks, and stones from thirty years of back yard projects. I knew if snow ever arrived it would make a nice center piece for the back forty (feet not acres).


  1. The back forty....those words have always been magical for me, going back to my childhood. Feet count, too... :) Sounds like a nice project, recycling things into art.

  2. This is BEAUTIFUL. What a fantastic photo!!!!!!

  3. ... A miniature horse drawn sleigh would be nice too. This is great