December 26, 2012

Snow Where? (Revised)

By John R. Greenwood

Power Max prepped, fueled and hungry
idle for so long he starts with no hesitation
I, his anxious master
on vacation and sent outside to play
gloves on
hat on 
snow is in the air
Coming soon...

Snowmore Please! 
(A Retraction)

Like a big mouth coaxing a fight
the author surrenders with the first punch
plagued by a tiny memory span when warranted
thirty minutes in 
the smell of hot coffee and warm cookies
overcomes an abominable-like snowwuss
pride-less with a hint of, "Oh, I forgot."
a gentle giant backs his snow encrusted exfriend into the garage
head drooped and dripping 
shoulders slumped 
the five inch blizzard of 2012 
proclaimed the victor


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