January 23, 2013

The Adelphi A's

The Adelphi A's 
Searching For A Sign From Clem

After posting a cry for help on a Facebook Group Page called, "You might be from Saratoga if...", I received a tip from Saratogian Robert Wheaton. Robert said that the four A's on the front doors of the Adelphi Hotel were painted by Walter 'Clem' Clements. I went back to the photo of my milk truck (Seen Here) and looked at the lettering of the Price's Dairy he painted in the 1980's. You will see that the fonts are quite similar. I would almost bet they were done with the same set of stencils used on the Adelphi's doors. I can still remember the day Clem painted the milk truck. Local plumber Ron Coleman brought Clem out to my house in his pickup truck. Clem set up a pair of six foot step ladders and laid a heavy plank between them creating a mini scaffold. He measured meticulously and laid out the letters in a gentle arch. I found myself fascinated by the detail required to fit everything so perfectly. I recall it being a nice spring day, sunny and clear. When Clem was situated I jumped in one of my other milk trucks and left him to work his magic. I remember how pleased I was when I returned at the end of the day and saw the results. The calligraphy-themed font seemed to bring the truck to life. It was a great looking specimen when it was all done. It was the pride of my fleet. My next wish would be to find that 40 year old truck and the handcrafted sign from Clem that graced it's sides. I hope with each new visitor reading these post I gain a new investigative friend. I know there are more signs, I can feel it in my soul. The soul never lies...

One of the four Adelphi A's

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