January 01, 2013

Stand Alone

"Don't ever think the poetry is dead in an old man because his forehead is wrinkled, or that his manhood has left him when his hand trembles!
If they ever were there, they are there still."
-- Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. 
Stand Alone
By John R. Greenwood

Never doubt the voice.
Never pause to question 
If you live to breathe 
Prepare to stand alone

When looking in the mirror
Be proud the sound you see
A story told worth telling
A dream is one held dear

No magic potion formula
No secret handshake known
Will change the heart that drives you
To stand as one alone

Happy New Year 


  1. A beautiful winter picture and lovely poem. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  2. The photo is stunning. Beautiful poem. Happy New Year, John! Diane

  3. Wonderful New Year's poem, John. Happy New Year to you!

  4. Beautiful words, beautiful thoughts, beautiful photo. Doesnt get any better!

  5. John,

    A most beautiful poem with very moving words:)

    Thank you for your spirit of friendship John via the means of poetry.
    Happy New Year,


  6. Your poem contains thoughtful words of wisdom -- barbara

  7. Happy New Year everyone. I am grateful for your kind words.