April 08, 2013


By John R. Greenwood

There are few things in this world that provide the same level of comfort as being surrounded by a supportive group of friends. When our Hubbard Hall Writing Group met recently at Bedlam Farm I realized how fortunate I have been to be a part of this group. We came together last summer and we have been growing ever since. I feel like "Lenore the Love Dog" in this photo. Lenore is Jon Katz and Maria Wulf's lab and her comfortable pose is exactly the way I felt as our group sat at the huge farm table and enjoyed a delicious afternoon meal of fresh made pizza. 
Bedlam Farm - Where they grow writers and enrich lives.
As we went around the table sharing our individual ideas about our May 31st reception and reading at the Freight Depot Theater/Gallery I had a deep feeling of contentment. Lenore seems to be in the same frame of mind. When lunch was over Jon and Red herded us to a hill high above the farm for a group photo. The exhilarating view could only be surpassed by our excitement about the future.  


  1. Writer camaraderie -- no wonder you felt so comfortable. Like minds are always a plus for good conversation. Photos are great! -- barbara

    1. It has been an never-ending gift I get to open every day.