April 24, 2013

Barn Banter

Barn Banter
By John R. Greenwood

Pssst... Boots, did you hear about....
Did you hear about goat's problems with the IRS? 

No. What happened, didn't he pay his taxes? 

I'm not sure. I heard the mice whispering about it. They said goat claimed he had four kids and he only has three left in the barn. One moved out last year to start a herd of his own. 

Yes, I heard that too, but I guess things didn't work out so he moved back home.

The government doesn't care. They want their money. 
Things were more giddy down in the sty. The three little pigs got wind that someone was bringing them a new blanket. I didn't let on but I saw it, and it's lovely. They will look delicious in it. 

Sad about chicken's 401k. The whole barn told her not to put all her eggs in one basket.

I spread my investments out. You know- milk, butter, cheese, things like that. 
Lately all the buzz is about this Greek yogurt. What do Greeks know about yogurt? I hope it's just a phase. 
And by the way, is it true they sell eggs in a milk carton now? What's up with that? I remember when I was a calf..

Alright cow, that's enough kit chat, I mean chit cat. Oh, you know what I mean, you're a cow. 


  1. Wow...what fun! Diane

  2. Oh this was funny. I would say this is a funny version of "Animal Farm." -- barbara

  3. LOL, I ♥ it! Growing up on a farm with cows and cats just like those pictured, brings back memories of my dad telling us that the animals "talked" at midnight on New Years Eve. We tried sneaking out to the barn to "listen in" but were found out and sent back to bed. We never found out if this was one of dad's "stories" or if they really did----know some 50+ years later I have proof that "they do" !!! ~~LaMae