April 28, 2013


By John R. Greenwood

It began so simply. A few posts back I kidded about what initiated this bathroom project/remodel in the first place. I explained how it was ignited by the need to replace the aerator in the faucet. I embellished a wee bit there. To be honest all I planned to do was put down a new floor. A week later the sink, toilet, walls, and floor were history and I was up to my tool belt in a full blown renovation. What I did here took a few weeks and a little more money than planned but in the end it was one of my more satisfying and in depth projects. You learn over a lifetime that it helps to have the right tools and the knowledge to use them. I lack profusely in the latter, but I now have 'YouTube'-the teacher, at my finger tips. But by far the best asset in today's tool box arsenal is 'Google'. I have found that taking your time to research your plans helps immensely. My biggest problem is patience, followed by lack of time. Every homeowner will agree that no matter what project you tackle, it ends up taking at least  thriceruple as long as you planned. That applies to the dollars and cents too. You can also end up with a vast assortment of plumbing part$ left over. (*Helpful Tip) It has taken me forty years to realize that you get what you pay for and that spending the extra money for a better quality anything, is usually money well spent. It can be a difficult balance when you are working with a tight budget. In the end, when the last nail is set and the paint is still tacky, there is no better satisfaction than completing a home renovation project. I have taken on some doozies over the years, from clogged, deeply buried septic lines to electrical box widow-makers. 

Each season, each year, brings a new adventure to the project list. Some have resulted in ER stitches and even expensive dental work. I will leave those stories for another day. For now I am exhausted and the clock says its time to get to bed. The job that pays the bills has me setting the alarm for 5am. 

Good Luck & Happy Renovations! 


  1. Congratulations, John! Well done; looks beautiful.

  2. That bathrooms looks great!!!! Love the floors. The shower curtain and window curtains colors tie in so nicely -- barbara

    1. Mrs G says it's all about the accessories. She possesses that decorator touch that makes my flubs turn out fantastic.

  3. Oh this is really beautiful and yes, I suspected Mrs G chose the accents.......a really cool bathroom. You did a great job!