April 22, 2013

Spring Fervor

Spring Fervor
By John R. Greenwood
Happiness is quenching 'Spring Fervor'.
Spring brings out a sense of renewal. It dwarfs New Year's resolutions by a mile. Today a spring fervor grabbed me by the hiking boot straps, pulled me up out of bed, and tossed my pathetic fanny out the back door. I, like most people, have been putting off the inevitable weight loss commitment since January 2nd. It's far too easy to make excuses during the drab and dreary months of February and March. Today was a beauty and April fresh breezes were calling. I needed to step in some mud and tilt my head skyward. My spring fervor was cranked. My camera was charged. My son Kevin was willing. More importantly, I needed blog material. Off we headed to Moreau Lake State Park. 

This park possesses everything you could possibility need in a park. From hiking to family camping and all things outdoors, this gem has them. We decided to try a new trail. It looked straight forward (upward) on the map. We agreed to give it a shot and if it was more than we bargained for we would simply do a U'y and head back down the mountain. We told our wives we would only be gone for a couple of hours. 

"Go on ahead kid, I'll be there in an hour."
Well as we crawled the last
hundred feet to the top (we thought) we got that Lewis and Clark urge to continue on. We figured we had gotten this far, it would be crazy not to go a wee bit further to the place on the map where they place a big star indicating a view of breath taking proportions. 

Spier Falls Dam 

We trekked onward. In the next half mile we crossed paths with five women, three dogs, and one man, all of whom appeared as though they had just gotten out of their vehicles. One of the dogs was jumping around like he had just been let out the back door. I was about three seconds from needing an air lift. 

We arrived at our destination feeling satisfied with our first spring jaunt. My legs were a little shaky and my heart was pounding like a jackhammer but my spring fervor was quenched and thoughts of the upcoming work week were much more palatable. 

The hike down melted away the pain and discomfort. The camera enjoyed a good meal and was eager to share its bounty. My new hiking shoes were singing a song, and life was looking a spring hike better thanks to Moreau Lake State Park and the Spier Falls Dam. 

"Time Out!"

Fervor is described as an intense and passionate feeling. I think today hit the mark. 
I felt spring fervor was a better description of my state of mind than spring fever until I pulled up the definition of fever; an abnormally high body temperature, usually accompanied by shivering, headache, and in severe instances, delirium. 

As I thought about it, maybe fever would have been a better choice? 


  1. Congratulations on making it all the way to the overlook. I love the views from up there, as well as the trail itself. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful park, with climbs steep enough to help whip us into shape. But I surely relate to the heart-thumping and gasping for breath. Keep it up, John!

  2. I think your hike was a challenge from your photos. Pin a metal on yourself!!!!!
    Your trail photos vividly brought be along on your hike. -- barbara

  3. Wonderful photos and sounds like a great day!

  4. I didn't realize there was an upward hiking trail so close. Got to go there! Thanks for "blazing" the trail, John. Diane