August 15, 2013

Barking Mad

Barking Mad
By John R. Greenwood

I photographed this dog at the Saratoga Racecourse. He was barking through the slats of the backstretch fence. His obvious look of displeasure made me think he might be yelling at the thoroughbred who just came in fourth in the 8th Race. I pictured 'Barking Mad' betting away a weeks worth of kibble on a horse named, "Lucky Dog." I imagined the conversation going something like this.

Barking Mad: "What the hell happened? You looked like a bowl of cold molasses by the 3/4 pole!"

Horse named 'Lucky Dog': "I told you this morning that my arthritis has been driving me bonkers and that you should box me with #5 'Forever Young'!"

Barking Mad: "Yeah, well I have a doghouse payment to make or I'm back in the shelter at the end of the meet. You were 30/1. Just one win and my problems would be over. Last night you said the rest of the field would feel more at home in my dog dish!"

Horse named 'Lucky Dog': "I don't know what you want me to say. That new jockey they threw on me felt like he'd made a few too many trips through the buffet line." 

Barking Mad: "All I'm saying is you better make up for it next week in the Jim Dandy. I had to sell my Westminster Dog Show tickets on Ebay to get enough money to stay afloat this week."

Horse named 'Lucky Dog': "Alright, alright I get it. I will do my best. Meanwhile can you get me that filly's number from the barn over on Nelson Ave. You promised me last week. Maybe a lap or two around the Oklahoma with her will loosen up my knee. Hey, didn't you tell me she had a bit part in the movie Seabiscuit?" 

Barking Mad: "Yeah, she milked the press on that gig until the DVD went platinum. 
Stop trying to change the subject, just be sure you win by three lengths. I want to be counting my money until the cow comes home."

The Cow- Thinking about coming home...