October 20, 2013

Hope and Fate

Hope and Fate 
By John R. Greenwood 

Hope shows up every morning at the scale. Fate shows up unexpectedly when the mood strikes. Hope is a lottery ticket. Fate is winning when the rent's due and the refrigerator's hungry. Hope is a dream, Fate a reality. Hope brings people together. Fate keeps the rain at bay and the sun open for business. Hope is what you want it to be, Fate is what you need. Hope is forever. Fate is at the moment. It is my hope that life continues to surprise and amaze. Fate assures me it's cocked and ready to do both. 

As I walked the beach one autumn morning a voice was drawing me to the tip of a distant breakwater. Alone in the world with October breezes following me outward I bent my head slowly and the rocks spoke to me. They said,"Hope is here for you, cling to it gently. Don't wish for more, it isn't necessary. Sometimes a little hope is all you need. Hope is generic. It needs no label or bold introduction."

The rocks spoke volumes and had more to say. They expressed an opinion on Fate. They had much to say on the subject. They looked me square in the eye and said,"Fate is by your side for as long as necessary. Fate won't betray you because it always has one more day to make things right."  

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