October 24, 2013

Lobster Pot

Lobster Pot 
By John R. Greenwood

Cape Cod tradition teases the senses 
a butter dipped morsel
grasps with reddened claw
each sneaker clad diner 
as they stand patiently waiting
for that deep sea treasure 
so succulent and eager to please

This was one of those memorable vacation treats you weren't expecting but turned into one of the highlights. We were staying in Hyannis on our Cape Cod getaway. We'd gotten up early to head out the National Seashore at the tip of the Cape. We didn't have much of a breakfast so by the time we arrived in Provincetown it was noon, and we were hungry. After debating over whether we wanted to get a quick hotdog or sandwich we ended up in front of a place called appropriately enough the Lobster Pot. It was colorful on the outside but when you looked inside you really couldn't see much. 

Something strange pulled me to the door. 

I left my wife standing on the sidewalk and I went inside the door. At that point there was no line. I asked the nice lady at the register if I could take a quick peek back at the dining room. The building was narrow and it appeared to go for miles back toward the beach. It looked pleasant and inviting. It was buzzing but not crammed. I quickly went back outside and grabbed my wife's hand. I said, "Trust me. There's something about this place that says come on in we'd love to have you." 

It's rare that I'm that confident in my decision making. She said, "Sure, let's try it." 

I'm glad she agreed because we ended up having a wonderful meal. The service was as good as the meal. A simple lunch turned into a memorable experience and it made the day a lot more special.


  1. I bet you'll recommend that place to friends that will be traveling toward that destination. Good service is as memorable as very bad service. In-between is always forgotten. -- barbara

  2. Looks lovely! (the leg hanging out the window in the bldg next door is funny - must be a fun place to stroll.