October 20, 2013

Fishing For Color

Fishing For Color
By John R. Greenwood

Color gives me life. I need it in my blog and in my day. If you have been here before you will see that color filters through everything. Color helps me breathe. It also infuses me with a vibrancy that helps keep my mind looking up not down. I am not a photography purist. I enjoy toying with my pictures to get the 'most' out of them. My pictures are more about the subject than the craft. Someday I will learn the craft in depth. That will be another off road adventure for me.  For now I will remain poised in high saturation and sharp contrast. I will cast a line at daybreak and reel in a stringer full of inspiration at dusk. Life is better in HD. Fishing anyone? 

Fishing For Color 
whether by light of autumn sunset
or shadows beneath the bay
color paints my living space
burnt umber veined plank
or pastel watercolor upon the speckled trout
life soars when viewed 
with kaleidoscope eyes