October 13, 2013

Bay Spirit Tours

Bay Spirit Tours
By John R. Greenwood

On day three of our 'Hyannis Getaway'
Mrs. G and I booked a short harbor tour aboard the Bay Spirit. Our hosts were Captain Bob and his son and Co-Captain Jacob Kohl. Together the two made a great team and greeted the small group of tourists with welcome arms. If you’re looking for a $20 bargain on Cape Cod this is it. The boat was clean and welcoming. That’s important because we aren’t the most adventurous tourists to ever hit the beach. 

To the best of our ability we try to be sure of what we’re getting ourselves into. 

Captain / Manager Jacob Kohl 
Bob and Jacob did a good job from the beginning by being polite and informative. Even though the afternoon turned a light shade of grey and a knot or two windier than we had hoped for, Bob and Jacob added a little sunshine to the day and a pleasant memory to our five day Hyannis holiday. 

Captain Bob Kohl 

Toward the end of the tour Bob, a seasoned fisherman, provided a short presentation on fishing in the Hyannis area. He added some history and even a ‘show and tell’ of the various types of seafood that are caught and consumed here. 

These are the simple experiences that my wife and I enjoy. They aren’t once in a lifetime European vacations but to us they are relaxing breaks in the action that we look forward to so much. In these times of a, “Just hand over your cash and move on” world, this was a nice change. There were no sales pitches other than, “Thank you for joining us.” We were glad we did. 

Hyannis Harbor 


  1. Sounds very much like my husband and myself. Simple vacations - sometimes just a city or two away or a short Amtrak train ride.