February 08, 2014

A River Calling

A River Calling
By John R. Greenwood

seduced by a river’s quiet demeanor 
a rusty span connects me to the past
too anxious to wait for spring 
the draw carries me upriver to the north
there is a story here 
swirling in the water below
I am sure of it
the tale yet to be told 
of a connection 
between one man’s dream fulfilled
this man’s journey freshly sown

Stay tuned...


  1. You left us in suspense, John! Now we must hear the end of the story. By the way, is this the Riparius bridge?

    1. I hope to keep adding to this story throughout the summer. This is actually the Thurman Bridge. I hadn't been over that way in many, many years. It is a beautiful area.

  2. I am sure that the river holds MANY stories in its swirls!! Beautiful photo.

  3. mmm...nice connection there in the end...between the stories...one ending another beginning...i like the use of the bridge too....i love old bridges....

  4. John,

    Love the connection you have brought with this poem and your wonderful image and words:)
    Good to see you again,

  5. "There is a story here" for sure....I do love rivers......love the photo, too, John!

  6. Great bridge shot -- those old metal suspension bridges sure have some history. -- barbara

  7. It's a great suspenseful beginning to a story. I wonder where the river will take us.

  8. definitely, every river has a story! if only they could tell it to us, if only we could listen :) love the name of your blog!