February 15, 2014


By John R. Greenwood

Emerge from your winter slump, spring is near. It’s parked just outside the city limits waiting for the roads to clear. When it does show up in front of the house, run full speed across the threshold and down the steps. Fling open it's doors, grab the sun, and take it for a ride. 

On the way to the mountains fill your pockets with greenery and your head with song.

 Forgive the cold, it was only doing its job.

It meant no harm. 

What the snow will leave behind are brimming ponds and budding trees, flower blooms and frenzied fish. Full fields of swaying grass and pudgy worms will flourish in the summer snow now flowing toward the sea. 

Mother Nature, her thirst quenched, will work her magic and place one more season in the books. All her bounty working in unison to sift the spirit and replenish the soul. 

All will be well again.

And we will yearn for autumn leaf and Santa Claus   


  1. Emerge. Perhaps my new favorite word! :)

  2. Our weatherman here says, "Not so fast!"

  3. This is an excellent piece -- I will copy it and tuck it in my journal as a reminder about the goodness of mother nature and winter. thanks -- barbara

  4. Oh yes . . . I long to be in the place of sun and greenery rather than cold and snow.