February 02, 2014

Salem Art Works Saturday

Salem Art Works Saturday
By John Greenwood

This is my third invitation to visit Salem Art Works or SAW as it is known locally. Two of those invitations came from portraitist Emile Klein. On my first visit in 2010 Emile invited me to write a bio for his "You're US" project. I embraced the opportunity to be a contributing author. My visit Saturday was to listen to the audio portions of his latest interviews. I also met Emile's collaborator, audio artist Jeff Emtman and couldn't help but be inspired by the excitement both artists showed for the future of the "You're US" project. Connections like this keep my creative juices flowing and my mind moving forward. At the end of the presentation I asked permission to walk the grounds of SAW for some photographic stimulation. There certainly is plenty of it there. Below are some of those photographs. I may add more writing to this post along the way but for now enjoy the photos. I hope they open your imagination in the same way they did mine. 

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  1. What a creative place! I would stop there if I lived in that area -- just to walk around and see the art work you featured on your post. Nice connection for you -- barbara