July 25, 2013

Baby Day Chapter #1

Baby Day
Chapter #1

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 What better prompt to get back to writing than to have another boy born into our family. Our latest baby day actually began yesterday afternoon when my youngest son called my wife and I to let us know they were beginning to time contractions and that they would call when he and my daughter-in-law were heading to the hospital. It’s been several years since our oldest son had his second of two boys so we’ve been out of the baby loop for quite awhile. It’s always a happy time and a nervous time too. The suspense of the boy/girl outcome is now a, “Do you remember when?” memory. I have to admit, as nice as it is to be able to plan ahead, I am sorry to see that happen. There is no greater thrill than hearing the words, “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!” announced by the doctor as he delivers your newest family member into the world. My wife and I have enjoyed the excitement of, “It’s a boy!” twice. I like it the old school way. But, like everything else in the world things change, even diapers, so we must too. 

My grandson decided to wait out the night. He must have wanted to start out on the right foot by exhausting his parents from the very beginning. Long sleepless nights are a parents job and my grandson already made it clear he was not going to be an exception to the rule. 

The silence was broken this morning when my wife received a text saying that things were progressing quickly and it was just a matter of time. I was provided with cat feeding instructions by my son and after I completed the mission we planned to head to the hospital. 

I probably shouldn’t have, but I took the liberty of giving my son’s cat Barley a heads up that things in his life were about to change drastically. He was soon to lose top-cat status to a crying baby. The silence of his days home alone were in jeopardy. Along with several new noises would come a wide array of smells. There were sure to be more people coming and going, wiping their feet on his sun-soaked rug and whispering little baby sounds to the new cooing creature under the soft blue blanket. I didn’t sugar coat it, I told the truth. The cat pretended to be indifferent about my warning. He flipped his tail a few times as if to say, “I’m not scared.” We’ll see my furry little friend, we’ll see. 


  1. Congradulations, there is nothing sweeter than holding a new baby. Our last Grandbaby was born 17 years ago and we miss having babies come to the family.
    Our Grandchildren are far away now and we miss them terribly. Enjoy your baby.