July 30, 2013

The World

"Tug Hill Plateau"

The World
By John R. Greenwood

The world is changing 
I think
For every step forward 
a clipity-clop back
but then in the distance 
a nano second flashes by
I turn to look in the mirror 
a boy flashes by

Wars still rage in far away places
 and in the school yard 
bullies still display their fear 
painters continue to paint
while children play

The winds cleanse weakened minds 
the vulture media replenishes
never at a loss for fuel 
always an audience waiting

The world is mine for the taking
kindness mine for the giving
the fine line
between the beginning and the end


  1. This is a wonderful poem, John, and the perfect image to complement it.

  2. oh, so true on those choices being the fineline between....
    there is enough good and bad in the world..
    our choices pick our side.